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Why Settle For Actions Limited By Your Hands?

Glydr gives you up to 16 more actions in your existing controller setup, allowing unprecedented control when it matters most in the games you play.

How We’ve Seen Gamers Improve with Glydr

We picked three examples of amazing ways people have used Glydr, but that’s only because we couldn’t put 300 in this tiny box.

  • Mapping crouching to your feet in Call of Duty to maximize aim
  • Repair Kits are easy to deploy in the most intense moments in Armored Core VI
  • Comfortably couch Final Fantasy XIV without giving up any of your actions

Endlessly Configurable For Any User

The Glydr configurator comes with many presets for your favorite games and genres, but you can build an endless number of profiles of your own! For folks with different ranges of motion in their feet, Glydr allows custom dead zones and sensitivities directly in the app.

No Need To Clear A Space For Seated VR With Glydr

If you’re frustrated that you have to clear a room and stumble around it to engage with your favorite VR experiences, Glydr can provide a seated option for certain games and apps. Your studio apartment is now VR-ready!

Glydr Will Become Your Gaming Companion

We think you should be able to jump into your games with Glydr wherever you already play, which means Glydr is designed to slide under your desk or in front of your couch.

Extend your abilities, relieve stress on your hands, and play countless games right out of the box with Glydr.

Visit Glydr’s website.