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Staff Contacts

If you need to contact a member of the LAN all NIGHT staff, message or tag them in discord. If you just need to get the attention of any staff member, tag “@LAN Staff” in discord.

Senior Directors

  • Steven (Eradicator) – Website, marketing & communications
  • Kyle (Neg1) – Power & network


  • Guy (Halestorm) – Network
  • David ”LionBattery” White
  • Miranda “Debug”


  • Kyle (Neg1) – Power & network
  • Steadman ”Mead” Smith


  • Aaron (Aaron) – Safety & security


  • Mike ”Lhogan” Bransford
  • Frank ”Althrin” Allen


  • Devyn ”GuyTheStampede” Guy
  • Steadman ”Mead” Smith

Game Servers

  • David ”LionBattery” White


  • Matt ”Traditz” Sprague
  • Tori ”TorTor” Willbanks

General Help

  • Adam (SirSkippy) – General info
  • Flora Langel ”Naanad” De Kock


  • Make a Meme Contest –  Create a Meme that will impress the judging panel of meme specialists using the picture(s) announced in discord. It can be an edit, or an entirely new creation using elements of the source material provided in Discord. Click here to enter this contest!
  • MS Paint Contest (Theme: Halloween LAN) – Get out your fill and spray tools… Your task is to create a work of art, using only Microsoft’s MS Paint (the original) and the theme we have provided you in the Discord. Don’t worry, we will have a real panel of the Art Elite standing by to judge your work. Click here to enter this contest!
  • Costume Contest – Show us your best costume / getup at the LAN or at home. Dress to impress the red carpet elite at LANAllNight and show us what your wardrobe is made of! We can’t wait to see what creative ideas and outfits you have waiting for us. Click here to enter this contest!
  • Decorate Your Battlestation Contest – Break out the Lysol wipes and maybe those Loot Crates full of knick-knacks you’ve got under the bed (yeah… we’ve seen what it looks like under there). Give your battlestation a LANAllNight decoration with your favorite items, and show us your style. Click here to enter this contest!
  • Case Mod Competition – Best – Spinning fans, glowing lights, custom cooling, and the non-existent hum of machines that are not only built to perform, but also to impress. Show us what you’ve done! Upload a couple good pictures of your build for a chance at winning something. Click here to enter this contest!
  • Case Mod Competition – Worst – Sometimes the power tools get involved and things don’t always go to plan, or.. maybe you have a build that is suffering, and in dire need of an upgrade? Show us your build that yearns to be great. We’re looking for the overall worst build/mod. Click here to enter this contest!
  • Untimely Demise – Unexpectedly dying in video games, glitching through walls, game crashes. There are moments in gaming that make us all cry out “WHYY?!”. Inevitably you will have at least 1 of these happen to you during LANAllNight. Those are the moments we are looking for here. Show us why… Who hurt you? Would a prize help? Click here to enter this contest!
  • Screenshot Competition – Throughout the event there will be lots of time to play video games among all the other activities we have ready for you. During the event snap some screenshots of your favorite moments gaming at LANAllNight and submit your favorite for a chance at winning a prize. Click here to enter this contest!


Tournaments are being run in a Swiss format, this basically means that we will be setting up 5 rounds of play to see who the top contenders are and then play finals matches for those top players/teams.

  • Quake Champions 1v1 – The fast, skill-based arena-style competition of Quake Champions makes it mark in the Silence of the LANS! Take your playstyle to the top with the unique powers and skills of the different Champions in play. 1v1 Duel is on the menu so be on your best behavior as you slay the opposition! [Click here to enter this contest!](
  • Rocket League 3v3 – Rockets AND Cars?? Sign us up!! We’ll be signing up individual drivers to be placed on a team of 3 randomly and then duke it out on the Turf for some grand prizing. Race to the GOAL and show us what you got! [Click here to enter this contest!](
  • Smash Ultimate 1v1 – All of your favorite Nintendo characters are back baby! Show us your moves in this 1-on-1 brawl to test your metal against the citizens of the LAN Llama! [Click here to enter this contest!](
  • Intel Hosted Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2v2 Gun Fight – Salt is on the menu! Prepare for a duel between two teams of two players to win six rounds. New sets of random guns and equipment are chosen and all four players must use those weapons to secure victory. The tip is, there are no respawns. Get tactical and Fight on! [Click here to enter this contest!](



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